1. Cannot log in to my account

Check your email address, type your password in clear to see if it does match, check your caps lock key.


2. Can i change my password?

Yes, log in in your account and change your password, clicke save, done!


3. Can i make more than one Booking for a Show?

Yes, just log in to your account and do your additional bookings.


4. What Browser can i use?

This System is tested with Internet Explorer and Firefox. Please use the latest Version of the Browser you are using to log in to the System (Firefox 26.0, IE 10.0).


5. What do i do if i get the message 'process denied' during my online booking?

This can happen happen if you are using an older Browser Version or a Browser the system is not tested with (see topic 4). In some rare cases you have to log out from your account, clear the Browser cache and log in to your account again.